About Us

The Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (HKIF) is a non-profit organisation founded by Sino Group in March 2018. HKIF’s purpose is grounded in its belief that innovation and technology are crucial to developing a diversified economy, driving meaningful social change and enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong.

HKIF focuses on cultivating the spirit of innovation of our next generation, increasing opportunities and accelerating the path from idea to impact – working together with alumni, partners and friends in the community to strengthen talent development in support of Hong Kong’s transformation into a global innovation and technology hub.

At HKIF, we are a holistic innovation ecosystem. We have built a variety of platforms to serve different sectors of the community, with six main elements:


1) Sino Inno Lab
Sino Inno Lab is designed for the professional industry, providing a sandbox platform and facilitating co-creation for the real estate, construction and hospitality sectors. In addition to showcasing breakthrough inventions created by innovators in the field, we also highlight our own proprietary inventions. We have created the City Air Purification System (CAPS) and the first in-building hydro power that makes use of unused water heads in pipelines.


2) University Competition Sponsorships
University sponsorships are designed to engage institutions and students at the tertiary level. With the HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition and the HKU DreamCatchers 100K Entrepreneurship Seed Fund Programme, we aim to ignite young people’s passion for entrepreneurship and to foster a community of young innovators in Hong Kong.


3) X Fair
X Fair is designed to engage schools at a broader level and to showcase students’ innovative creations to the public. X Fair is Hong Kong’s science fair for schools, and also targets the transformative ages of upper primary to lower secondary school.


4) Education Programmes
Go Code, Crazy Circuit and Robotics are designed to inspire upper primary to lower secondary students to unleash their creativity. By providing free courses on innovation and technology, we aim to accelerate social mobility through expanding access to education.


5) OC STEM Lab
OC STEM Lab is designed for the general public, strategically featured in a shopping mall for families, patrons and students so everyone could have the opportunity to interact with the latest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


6) X-Lab
X-Lab is designed to nurture creative and dynamic home-grown entrepreneurs for a more innovative Hong Kong by providing a collaborate co-working space.